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A Way of Life The Yoga “Union”

Devotees of PinkLotusYoga rush from their jobs, their familes and their lives from the four corners of Aberdeen to tune in to the authoritatively mellow voice of Karina gently urging them to solder a “union” - the literal translation of the Sanskirt for yoga - between mind, breath and body.

Postures, breathing, chanting and meditation

Beginners and experienced students alike want to lose their blues in an asana (a yoga posture to relax, strengthen and detoxify their physical body), attain perfect peace in a pranayama (yogic breathing to cleanse the mind, nervous system and body), be aroused by mantra (repetitive yoga chanting) and to have their deepest emotions and spirit centred and soothed by meditation.In short, yoga lifts them from distress to de-stress.

Dispelling the myths

Many people fret that they are not flexible enough for yoga.  Being flexible is not what yoga is all about although it will, of course, bring this beneifit along with many other.  It is the effect on the individual’s mind and body that is important.  Yoga is a method of silencing the restless consciousness of the mind, the intellect and the ego.  In the words of the much revered Maharishi Patanjali, “Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind”. Yoga is non-competitive and in time and with repeated effort the student will stop trying and will just “be”.