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Spain 2017

Karina is passionate about all aspects of yoga and creating a truly authentic yogic experience. This is not just about exercise, of which there is plenty, rather a well rounded spiritual immersion. Be prepared to feel and experience emotions and poses you never thought possible and the joy of reaching those heady heights of 'wow I got this' moments. The quiet reflections, beautiful mantra's and of course learning poses that you may not have tried before make this one special event. This has been my second retreat with Karina and look forward to the next one.  Namaste x Karin


Karina, the quality of your teaching is just second to none.  I thoroughly enjoyed each and every session.  At times they were tough on my body and my ego! - some of the things we were doing were hard!  But I really enjoy the strong physical side to your classes.  The 6 days back to back was a new challenge for me but I noticed I really reaped the benefits of practising so many hours every day.  The sessions were consistently good with a great variety to keep things interesting. The routine of the magic ten in the morning helped me establish a personal morning practice after returning.  I enjoyed the mantra very much as well.  I found your demonstrations amazing to watch and your depth of knowledge so inspiring.  Your experience and passion for yoga really comes across in your teaching.  That is something unique to you among many other teachers I have experienced out there;  it just adds so much quality, interest and depth to the sessions.   My favourite yoga session of the week (hard to choose!) was the Sivananda one. 

Throughout the week, you did very well to manage all that teaching while also being responsible for the day to day running of our stay and all that goes with it.  

Anyway, a huge congratulations on such a successful retreat!  

Hope to do it all again soon. Lots of love and many thanks again, Liz
Thank you for a truly inspirational yoga retreat in Spain.  The effort you put into this retreat is 100%.  My reasons for wanting to go was to calm the mind, get out of some bad habits, get out of my comfort zone and do some fantastic physical yoga.  It ticked all of these boxes.

I thoroughly enjoyed every day practice, the food was amazing and the group were easy to get to know and were enjoyable company.

For me the only negative was isolation.  I did have a bit of cabin fever only having a break from our place once in the week.  Next time I would like to definitely be by the sea or a lake and go for a walk on my own to reflect and meditate.

I do hope you enjoyed the week as much as we all did.  You are a truly amazing women who has taught me so much in the past year. 

Lots of love 
Lyne xx  

Turkey 2014


Karina's yoga retreat 2014 in Turkey at the Yuva resort was my first ever yoga retreat and it was such a wonderful experience.
With two yoga sessions a day, a vibrant energetic yang
session in the morning and an evening session of subtle, strong yin.
Every class was different and challenging in a beautiful setting. When the staff of Yuva joined the yoga classes and told me that we were lucky to have such a
very special teacher, you know your experiencing something exceptional and memorable. I
would highly recommend the retreat and will definitely be back.
Louise, Aberdeen






Well,  where do I start.....?! :) I had  such a fabulous time again this year in Turkey.  Thank you for all you did in organising it.  The classes were excellent.  I liked the balance between the am & pm class.  I enjoyed the partner work too.  I think you got a nice balance of things to do in the evenings also :) The boat trip was a super idea & I think we all really enjoyed that. 
You make everyone feel so welcome & this carried over of course to our time in Turkey.  You truly are a special lady & I am glad to have you as a friend in my life.  Keep doing what you are doing.  You really do inspire & encourage me, & I am sure that is the same for many others.
Love you
Jac xxx




India 2014

Karina's vision of a yoga retreat to India gave a perfect balance of spiritual, physical yoga, culture and tourism. Everydayt had so many special moments that it is hard to pick a highlight. I would love to go back again and would really recommend it to anyone interested next time.

Lynne, Aberdeen


Journey to Enlightenmen via India

Thanks to Karina, Muz and Karuna for taking us on a voyage of self-discovery and showing us the depths of ‘self’.  We all reacted differently to the ‘journey’, not to be confused with ‘holiday’, which is our usual way of spoiling ourselves with self gratifying, expensive times, we think is owe to us.

Thankfully, Karina had spent many months educating the group on the conditions we should expect.  Personally, I was expecting something like camping with ‘the wild life’ paying us visits, only to be very pleasantly surprised at the accommodation given to us in the temple.  Twin beds, running water, electricity, air conditioning, how blessed were we?
It was very humbling to see how the local people live.  They have none of the above.  Mostly they seemed to live on the streets and fields.
The visits to the school we help support, was truly emotional.  The heart stopping beauty and smiles of happiness of the children and their teachers made us so glad that in such a small way we can help them.
The entire cost of our visit to India would keep these children protected for years.
It made me think of how much we Western people spend on hair/clothes, etc, how selfish are we?
Our daily outings with Muz to guide us, opened new depths of spirituality and knowledge.  I like to think we all came home from India with a much-enlightened view on life, perhaps less ‘ME’ and more of “what can I do for others?”
My thanks again to Karina, Muz and Karuna, for changing my world!
Margaret Percival
71 yrs, Aberdeen

On the 17th Feb 2010, thirteen of us jetted of for the South Of India and were greeted by worldly wise mystic, Muz Murray.  We settled into the Temple and each morning at 7 am had a yoga class on the temple roof in full view of the holy mountain Arunachala and occasionally, some sun-bathing too!  Our room at the temple was lovely, fresh and clean with running water and our own western style toilet, much better than Karina had warned us to expect.
Mid morning we would meet with Muz and practice Mantra and breathing exercises, which made my heart smile and my mind peaceful and content, with the support and care of Karina and Muz.  We then had lunch, which was ok for the first day or two but then it was mutually agreed to go out for meals and try some of the local cuisine.
We learned so much on our visits to the temples and saw beautiful buildings and sculptures that Muz, our guardian protector, would tell us all about.  There was so much to see along our travels, stalls with hand made jewellery or fresh pineapples and bananas, an old cobbler on the street mending shoes, coconuts sliced open for us to drink their water when we were in need of refreshment, all so wonderful.
We had an amazing day at the school we support, meeting the children, visiting the new school site to chant there and having lunch in the head teacher's house.  The children put on a lively display of traditional and modern dance for us, bless their hearts.  As a group we already sponsor many of the children and I chose a little girl to help personally too.
In the afternoon we would meet with Muz for Satsung (question time), and listen to his thoughts on our questions, whether worldly religious, personal or whatever came to our minds.  This was a special time, so interesting, absorbing and would lift my spirits.  We would then do our second yoga class of the day led by Karina before dinner and dropping into bed!
Us pilgrims to India indeed had an incredible journey and I thoroughly enjoyed every day and night, every hour and minute that rolled into one.  I personally know that for me, the right path is chosen and indeed would more than love to return one day with my beloved Karina and the wonderful gentle man, Muz Murray.
Jade, Aberdeen

Hari Om Karina/Muz,
Thank you for organising such an amazing trip to Southern India.  Even although my tan has faded, the benefits are still with me. My trip to India in 2010 will stay with me for a lifetime.  Having learned so much in Karina’s classes over the past 3 years, and seeing her positive glow when she returned from her trips to India, I was so pleased to get a chance to go myself.  I learned and experienced so much, and I am so pleased to have met and learned from many wonderful people on the way. Visiting the school was very humbling.  It was a privilege meeting the teachers and children and seeing where some of the money everyone raised was going. I got so much out of the trip this note would go on and on if I described them all.  In short, learned heaps, fantastic physical yoga, beautiful mantra and blissful meditation, mixed with the amazing culture and beauty of India - WOW!  Thank you, Namaste.
Andrea, Aberdeen
... When I returned hme I felt so wonderfully tired and amazingly rested all at the same time. I felt lighter too (not only because of the wonderful food) but my brain seemed to be uncluttered and worry-free. Even if this does not last once the normal routines start up I know now that it is possible to have that feeling and get it back if I continue on this path. It is obvious that your heart is sincere and you are aware of the continuing journey in your life. So when you are overwhelmed with your own emotions and cry we feel especially close to you. It is reassuring to me to witness an outburst of yours because I get impatient because my inner peace seems always just around the corner. Affectionately.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a wonderful experience on our retreat this weekend. It was one of the most remarkable experiences of my life so far. Who would have though getting up at 6 am each morning could be so much fun. You have such passion for what you do and that really comes across and makes all the difference. Namaste x


This was the beginning of a very special journey. You go to classes in a gym and it's great but you have never really experienced yoga until you have someone like Karina teaching you more than simply postures. Findhorn was a very special experience for me and I look forward to the rest of my journey through yoga. Many thanks Karina xx

I wanted to email and thank you for our weekend in Findhorn you organised. All your hard work was worth it as I personally had a really fab time. I don't think I've laughed so much in ages - myself, Sheena and Alison all shared a room and it really was the best tonic ever. I'd never been to Findhorn before so I'd no idea what to expect and I was really surprised when we turned up at that big old house right on the beach. My mobile phone was switched off all weekend and I surprisingly didn't think about it at all, likewise with the tele and radio. I love mantra but nothing prepared me for how powerful it was sitting in the room with the sun beaming in and feeling the effect of the vibrations from everyone. It was very uplifting and almost cleansing at times. It's actually really difficult for me to explain but I definitely got my personal benefit from the weekend.I thought I'd struggle with the rise and shine yoga being quite early but it was actually my favourite session of the day. Apart from the fact that we were all there for the same reason - yoga and mantra, the people really made it for me.  It was a good bunch of women and like I said before it was such a laugh.
So.....thank you Karina, for a great weekend.

A happy yoga devotee

"Karina has a passion for yoga which is evident in her teaching.  She is informative on all aspects of yoga encouraging participants to enquire further and develop individually whilst at the same time not preaching or forcing her views on others.  Her instructions are always clear and concise and she provides demonstrations where appropriate.  She always emphasises correct posture and movements and highlights possible problems that may occur to ensure the class fully understands the importance of technique and body awareness. Karina strives to ensure everyone enjoys the journey that yoga takes you on and her classes are always fun but with attention to the teachings of yoga and the benefits at all times."


Natasha, Aberdeen

"During and after my pregnancy I piled on a huge amount of weight.  I had got to the stage where I was starting to give up on myself and settle for a life of being overweight.  Karina really was my last chance.  I have been working with her once a week for 15 months and have lost just over 5 stone!  Every once in a while you come across someone who makes a difference.  Karina Stewart is one such person."

Eileen West, Drumoak

"Words cannot express how much running the New York Marathon has meant to me.  I would never have had the courage or self-confidence to venture upon such a feat without your always professional approach and knowledge, your unstinting encouragement, genuine and caring support and, above all, your friendship.  To say merely thank you does not begin to describe my debt of gratitude to you for bringing me ... kicking and screaming often ... to that glorious stride when I crossed the Finish line ... a stride which became a most surprisingly defining moment in my life.  However inadequate as it is ... thank you Karina."