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FOR THE FIRST TIME - INTRODUCTION TO TEACHER TRAINING - 27hr held over 3 weekends Feb/ Mar and April 2020 with option to continue into full 225 hrs. Please get in touch if interested



Karina is a senior yoga teacher with Yoga AllianceProfessionals and runs 200hr training courses from her home studio Arunachala.  With only eight trainees on each course this makes for personal and thourough teaching / learning as close to the traditional teacher to student relationship as possible.

The course is held on the last weekend of each month until all material is covered, around one year in total.  Home study, assignments, external classes and workshops are all expected to be completed in the weeks between monthly training sessions.

Karina likes to know her students before they embark on training so if you are thinking ahead to the next course (summer 2018), try to start attending classes as soon as possible.  Two years minimum Yoga practice is also a pre requisite. Interviews will be held upon application. Please email to ask more.