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Hari Om

How are you?  It's been an extrodinary year! Personally the biggest news I have is that I AM MARRIED!

There have been so many transitions and I have tried to go with the flow of life watching it unfold before my eyes, my heart feels like it has blossomed with every experience, even the challenges of technology have taught me lessons.

I intend keeping my classes online, mainly via Facebook live and hope to expand this to other medias. Being with my husband in Atlanta USA means there is a time difference of five hours with the UK but it's working well even it is does mean rising at 04.20 twice a week to go live!

When travel is easier I'll be going back and forward and when I'm in the UK I would love to host some in-person classes and workshops so stay in touch especially via Facebook for news. https://facebook.comkarina.stewart.5 my main page is karina stewart carmichael and its best to contact me via messanger or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Join me and let me guide you towards a healthier happier more balanced version of the already amazing person that you are x
Online yoga is a discipline for sure and has so many benefits beyond attending a group class in person. Online takes you to a deeper focus not distracted by others but it takes time to develop your concentration just like anything that's good for us it must be practiced regularly x
You'll begin to notice that with perseverance you are improving your ability to stay focused in the comfort of your own home in your dedicated yoga space with commitment to your wellbeing and personal growth x
You can chat with me online and ask for guidance or request specific yoga poses or specific areas you want to work on not only physically but emotionally too x
You can repeat sequences on catch up pausing and taking extra time to learn poses that you're working on x
As your teacher I'll be right there practicing with you in the freedom and flexibility of your own space x
Please message me if you'd like to trial an online class x

MAY 2020
Well, what to say? Such strange times we are living in right now and so many changes having to be made.
My classes are now on Facebook live in groups, so if you haven't already then please join facebook and find me under Karina Stewart ( I also have a page called Arunachala yoga centre and another for Pink Lotus Yoga Festival) send me a friend request and a message saying who you are and that you would like to join a group.
I have Monday / Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am and also at 1815 pm
(Tuesday evening is YIN YOGA)
Retreats have had to be postponed for now BUT Teacher Training is ongoing via Zoom and so will the annual PINK LOTUS YOGA FESTIVAL for Charity 19 /20 September and who knows, due to it being online there may be even more attendance and even more monies raised for the charities!
If I can be of any help about your Yoga practice please do contact me.
Stay Safe, keep practicing xx Love Karina
Goodness it's been a while since I updated here!
We had a lovely time in India in January, truly wonderful experiences imbedded in our hearts for evermore.
In June I took a group to Portugal to a new venue, what an amazing week we had, everyone said it was perfect and want to go back in June 2020
September saw the 13th Pink Lotus Yoga Festival which was another wonderful weekend full of all things yogic. We raised almost £5000 to split between CLAN, our school in India, Mrs Murrays Cat & Dog home and Iskon. Thank you to everyone involved.
Another 7 beautiful souls qualified as Pink Lotus Yoga Teachers at the festival as they presented their class, graduating through the chakras. Aberdeen you are so lucky to have these wonderful teachers.
On a personal note I have had the most fabulous year so far with a lot of travelling and a lot of love, I am blessed and so happy, never stop believing, know that you are worthy and if you want love then give love, serve and have faith.
My sister and I trained hard for a six day charity challenge trekking The Great Wall Of China to raise £3000 each for CLAN. It was absolutely fantastic! It is easy to see why it is one of the wonders of the world. I am feeling so fit and healthy and so, so grateful for my health and for all the experiences life has given me so far. Breast cancer gave me a new outlook on life and I am happier now that ever......but PLEASE....check your boobies!
Since returning from China I have been busy planning.............. get your diaries out..............
( leading to full 225 hr accreditation)
Contact me for more information on any of the above
For now, Love, Serve, Be happy xx
MARCH 2019 Yoga dates for your diary ....
 YOGA DAY with KIRTAN SCOTLAND on my Birthday Saturday 29 June from 6.30pm at Balgownie Community Centre. Let's Party
 YOGA DAY for ARCHIES at Trinity Hall - June 23rd TO BOOK PLEASE EMAIL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 YOGA LONG WEEKEND RETREAT to Karuna Bhavan Eco Centre - JULY 11th - 14th
 PINK LOTUS YOGA FESTIVAL  - Trinity Hall 21/22 September
Monday 10am has one and also one at the 5.45 pm
Tuesday 10am has two spaces and also two in the YIN class at 7.30pm
Wednesday 10am also has two spaces
Please message or call to book






5th - 11th Jan 2019 - In this weeks classes I have been sharing my daily practice with options ranging from 10 minutes to a full 90 minutes.  Here are the warm-ups and other Asanas we have been practicing.

After rising from bed and splashing face with cool water, scraping the tongue and brushing the teeth..........

Lying on back, arms extended at shoulder height, knees bent, drop knees right then left x 3

Alternate knee squees, 3 breaths r / l / both

Roll ups x 5 then bigger - dynamic plough roll up to small squat lift x 5 !  Now you will be awake!

Wrist rolling while slowly extending arms out to sides and back to shoulder x 3 sets then out in front of shoulders and back x 3, Up to sky and back x 3 / down by sides and back x 3

Neck, Chin to chest, chin to sky x 3 / look over right shoulder then left x 3 / right ear to right shoulder then left x 3 / full circles 3 x each way ( ladies start left, men right )

Knees, feet together, bend knees grip just above knees, circle 3 x clockwise, 3 x anti

Squat deep and bounce x 12

Seated - Butterfly for hips 2 min Then single legs rock the cradle 2 mins each

Cow / cat / tigers tail / nose to knee 3 rounds


MAGIC 10 (check youtube - Jivamukti Magic 10) Brilliant 10 minute full body practice

Now perhaps add some floor poses like - BOAT / BOW / FORWARD BEND


I guarantee your day will flow better after some practice and you will be calm and open x  Let me know how you get on x







Where to begin since my last Blog........... well I guess picking up where I left off.  My regular yoga class attendees will know already but we raised £7000 for charity at the annual Pink Lotus Yoga Festival in September!  Amazing, I am so happy and grateful.  The monies were split between CASH FOR KIDS, ABERDEEN & SRI RAMANA SCHOOL in India, we also donated to KIRTAN SCOTLAND who help us so much providing the live Kirtan and the wonderful feast afterwards. THIS YEAR'S DATES ARE ..... SEPTEMBER 21 & 22 at The Trinity Hall again, Holburn Street, Aberdeen.


In October I attended the London Yoga Show which was wonderful, the workshops were truly inspiring, I also went to the Body World exhibition which I would highly recommend if you have any interest in anatomy, it's wonderful!


I began to stock Pink Lotus merchandise, selling vests, T-shirts and Hoodies, I love my hoodies especially, cosy, comfy and they look great! Let me know if you would like to see samples.


Another group of budding Yoga teachers started their 200 hour training with me and I am looking forward to watching them blossom over the coming months. Hopefully this lovely group of seven will qualify in September this year.


In November I presented a mini workshop at the Aberdeen Holistic Fair which was fun and always a great day out, it will be here again in October but it's looking like i will be in............ CHINA ........ yes China, trekking the Great Wall to raise funds for CLAN Aberdeen.


Also in November I really enjoyed leading a day workshop based on the YAMAS & NIYAMAS. Another workshop coming soon, probably around MARCH which will involve a wonderful KIRTAN with our dear friends from Karuna Bhavan Eco Farm      ( where I will again be hosting a long weekend YOGA RETREAT in the summer).


INDIA soon, myself and five wonderful ladies are off on a spiritual adventure which I'll tell you all about on our return.  Cannot wait to see the school and my little sponsor boy, Prakash and spend time at Arunachla....ahhhh soon!


In this weeks classes I will be again sharing some of the practices I have picked up in India which make up my daily practice. I will make a new page on the Blog just for info of these so you can practice in my absence x


Namaste and see you on the mat 


In classes this week I have been talking about how to avoid inflamation is the body which in turn can lead to all sorts of problems............


AVOID ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS ! Avoid refined sugar, white potatoes, refined grains eg white rice, white bread, anything with MSG's, avoid citrus fruits, bananas, fried foods, meat, shellfish and all the nightshade family veg.


REPLACE ALL THIS WITH .. Drinking hot water with TURMERIC and GINGER, Nut milks....Coconut, Almond etc and oat milk is fabulous, coconut yogurt, flax seeds (mix them in your yogurt), walnuts, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries (buy all in bulk and freeze them), broco;;i, cauliflower, sweet potatoes.


Try it and see the difference!




In classes this week I have been talking about how to avoid inflamation is the body which in turn can lead to all sorts of problems............

AVOID ALL DAIRY PRODUCTS ! Avoid refined sugar, white potatoes, refined grains eg white rice, white bread, anything with MSG's, avoid citrus fruits, bananas, fried foods, meat, shellfish and all the nightshade family veg.

REPLACE ALL THIS WITH .. Drinking hot water with TURMERIC and GINGER, Nut milks....Coconut, Almond etc and oat milk is fabulous, coconut yogurt, flax seeds (mix them in your yogurt), walnuts, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cranberries (buy all in bulk and freeze them), brocolli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes.

Try it and see the difference!



Is it really 4 months since I updated here ?!  Happily busy equals time flies I guess. 

The Glasswalking day was wonderful, everyone got so much out of it, do let me know if you wish me to arrange another one.  Any other workshops you wish me to provide too, just drop me an email and I'll arrange it.  Is there an aspect of your Yoga practice you would like to spend more time on. breathwork for example? Let me know.

I hosted a weekend yoga retreat at Karuna Bhavan recently which completed my work to achieve the 300 hour Bhakti Yoga Teacher Training. It is a truly amazingly heart centred venue with wonderful people. We worked in the gardens collected flowers and vegetables, we had a beautiful walk to the Falls of Clyde, participated in Kirtan after a short music lesson and dressed up in saris, had our hands decorated with henna, all so enjoyable we want to do it again, perhaps in May next year during the Holi (colours) festival.

Talking of FESTIVALS !!!!! Its almost time.......29 / 30 September the Pink Lotus Yoga Festival for Charity, simply click the link on the cover page and buy yoiur tickets.  Can't wait to see you all there (if you can't make it but want to give to the charities you can via myself) Thank you so much for your continued support of this yearly event and if you have never been I hope to see you this year.


Love and Light, Karina x




May 1st 2018

Hi everyone. How wonderfully fresh and beautiful the mornings are right now! Life is good and full of so many wonderful gifts.  I wanted to list my upcoming events and workshops so you can see them at a glance as there is so much happening.  We had a wonderful long weekend retreat at Newbold House recently and now I have an opportunity to host another at the the wonderful Eco Farm near Glasgow.  Here we go ......

MAY 26th....3-6pm MANTRA WORKSHOP at my studio

JUNE 24th...10-4pm EMPOWERMENT YOGA with GLASSWALK at Balgownie Community Centre, Bridge of Don.



JAN 25th to FEB 13th (shorter stay available) INDIA ----- TIME RUNNING OUT TO BOOK, DON'T DELAY, CONTACT ME ASAP

PORTUGAL - 2nd week of JUNE 2019

Please contact me for further details of any of the above








Feb 2018

Hare Krishna x  Home from a month in India and struggling to find words to describe how wonderful it all was.  I successfully completed the advanced Teacher Training 500 hours Bhakti Yoga course and loved every minute of it.  Rising before the sun at 4am and working non-stop all day till bed around 8.30pm.  We chanted, meditated, studied philosophy, satvic cooking, Harmonium, Chakras, Aurveda and some wonderful physical practices all with the most loving, wonderful teachers in the beautiful Govardhan Eco Village near Mumbai.  We spent time with gentle cows that could melt a heart of stone, I made so many special friendships and will carry this time in my heart forever.  


I will pepper my classes with all I've learned and will further share at my up coming workshop on 18 March.  Please click on Workshop tab and also see Retreats if interested in a Scottish weekend in April and/or India next year.  Contact me for a chat.


Finally places are still availalble for my next 200 hour Teacher Training beginning in July with training being on the last weekend of every month for around a year. 


This years trainees graduate on 01 April with a presentation day for which there are still spaces for you to attend and support them.


Anything else do please ask.  xx









Week beginning Dec 11th I'll be teaching my Christmas routine, feel free to 'dress-up' ;)

DEC 17th at 6pm I am holding an open meeting for anyone interested in joing the next Yoga Teacher Training 200 hr course beginning next July.

I have a few spaces remaining for my long weekend yoga retreat near Findhorn 12 - 15 April

On March 18th I have a workshop (mainly for teachers but will open to others if spaces)

Finally if you are thinking of coming to my next Yoga Retreat in INDIA I need your name and committment NOW for January 2019

Love and Light, Karina xx











In my recent 'Chakra' class I introduced mudras and affirmations at the end of each chakras asanas and some students asked me to share them ..........

ROOT Ganesh Mudra - "May I nourish and nurture myself, be grounded, stable and connected to the oneless of life"

PELVIS Yoni Mudra - " May I be at home and at ease in my body and find balance in my relainships between myself and others."

BELLY Surya Mudra - " May I be able to honor myself, be who I am in the world and express that power without fear."

HEART Hridya Mudra - " May I be free to my true feelings, desires and passions and be at home in my heart."

THROAT (Ujjaya pranayama) "May I be able to express my feelings with ease and be balanced between heart and mind."

3rd EYE Hakini Mudra - " May I see and perceive clearly on every level and seek only the truth."

CROWN "May I have a clear and open connection with source energy and live in the present moment."

I hope you enjoy meditating on these x













Nov 1st 2017 Update

We have now divided the monies from the Pink Lotus 108 Festival and Clan Aberdeen (Holistic therapies) received £1750 as did Friends of Roxburghe House and our beloved school in India (Arunachalam Trust), I donated £500 to Iskon to cover expenses for the band and food and left a little over for their beautiful centre near Glasgow called Karuna Bhavan in Lesmahagow.  I was there on Sunday 29 Oct for a wonderful Diwali / Govardan Puja day, simply amazing blissfull day. I hope to hold a retreat there next summer.  Thank you again to everyone that attended the festival either to partcipate or teach to help out or man a stall and everyone who popped in to soak up the atmosphere and more, thank you thank you xxx  Namaste







Autumn musings, well summer went quickly didn't it ?!  I do love the colours at this transition time though and the cosy evening classes in my studio in candlelight.  This week I have been holding Restorative classes after all the physical moves at the festival.  Time to reflect and move forward gently.

My retreat in Spain was lovely, such a wonderful group of yogis who really allowed themselves to go deeper into their practice and they all felt the benefits of the wonderful week of vegan only food.  I'm trying to decide what to do in the way of retreats next year. Probably Newbold house in Forres for a long weekend around April or May and take a group to India December 2018 or January 2019.  Let me know your thoughts.

The 11th year of Pink Lotus Yoga Festival, 108 Surya Namaskaram was amazing!  Next year I am holding it on 29 / 30 September so put it in your diary now.  I will know the total raised by the end of October but already we have almost £4000 to be shared to Aberdeen CLAN / ROXBURGH HOUSE & ARUNACHALAM TRUST (our school in South India.  I also give a donation to ISKON for all their help and support.  

Please do get in touch with suggestions for next years festival, what type of classes / workshops you would like to see for example.

From 1st October I will be beginning to prepare myself for a course I am attending in India in January.  There is A LOT of homework. I am really looking forward to it though. We never stop learning. The course is a Bhakti Yoga course and Bhakti is awakening our loving connection to our higher power, training the mind to see Divinity in all living beings of all races, genders and species. Yoga of the heart. 

My eight current trainees are doing well and are all having their first trial classes next week, although this will be nerve racking for them it is such a great learning experience at this stage of the training and will set them on course for qualifying come April 2018.  

The next 200 hour course will probably begin in June 2018.

See you soon on the mat x







HariBol, exciting times ahead as planning begins for this years' Pink Lotus Festival in September.  Let's practice for the 108 sun salutations by aiming for 54 on the 25 Jun (International Day Of Yoga).  I invite everyone to meet at the Beach (Fittie side) around 1pm, tide and weather dependant!

I still have a few places available for the workshop on the first weekend of July, please contact me for details. If you cannot manage the full workshop you can attend either mornings or afternoons.





How Yoga held me through breast cancer

I qualified as a Hatha Yoga teacher in 2000 and it soon became the most important thing I did for my mind and body. I always knew how much the practice helped me emotionally but little did I know just how much I was going to rely on it.

When my sons' first baby was born prematurely and passed away I thought my broken heart would never recover, it was the hardest thing I'd ever had to go through. More than my personal practice, it was teaching that helped, I had to be strong. It's like being an actor I guess, your audience awaits and you get out there and do it! But it's not an act, I teach with my heart and I feel my students 'get that'. Most of the students I work with are regulars and I am very honest and open with them, like family, they support me and I feel stronger when I am teaching.

Every year I pilgrimage to India where I have been supporting a school and a sponsor boy. Christmas just passed I spent in Rishikesh in the Ashram of a Swami I had met when he was visiting Scotland. I then attended a residential workshop at Sadgurus place in Coimbatore over New Year, before going to Tiruvanammalai where the school is and my second home near Arunachala Sacred Hill.

Every time I travel in India I return with a heart full of spiritual experiences and this time was one of the most enlightening trips I had experienced. I returned home feeling on top of the world, fit, healthy and happy, then a couple of weeks later I felt my world come crashing down on me.  

A letter popped through the door from the breast screening, I had been recalled.

I had been for my third routine mammogram just before leaving for India, I remembered feeling agitated at the appointment because I thought the nurse wasn't confident, she kept saying "I'll just do that side again, let's see if I can get a clearer picture " . I did not for one minute suspect she had seen anything out of the normal. Even when I received the letter I thought, see, I knew she hadn't got it right!

My daughter aome with me to the next appointment, only because the letter said it may be an idea to take someone, at first I asked her just to sit in the waiting room. When the nurse said she would get the doctor alarm bells began to ring.... loudly, it all happened so, so quickly and before I knew it I was on the table being scanned with the Ultrasound. My daughter held my hand as the doctor took biopsy's of  suspect tissue, it was very surreal. I was still convinced it would be nothing, after all I was fit and healthy, didn't smoke and followed a vegetarian and more recently a vegan diet, must be a mistake, mustn't it ? I carried on life as normal as possible but it was constantly on my mind, meditation was difficult I must admit because while I was teaching I could pretend it wasn't happening.

My sister came with me for the results and it was diagnosed as DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ. I didn't have a lot of breast tissue and had breast implants for 16 years. They spoke about removing the tissue and replacing my implants, to be honest I didn't think it was anything to really worry about. What I didn't realise was that they meant I would require a left breast mastectomy, that word was not mentioned until the next appointment with a surgeon and that really scared me, I couldn't take it in, this couldn't be right? A week later I met with the plastic surgeon who said he would try to save the implant so at least I would wake up with a breast, minus a nipple. Throughout these appointments I didn't cry, I didn't shout and scream but I can't say I didn't swear a bit after the doctors left!

However I hardly missed a class, teaching was my saviour, my students are my life raft and Yoga is my toolbox from which I pick out the tools I need for that day, Asanas, Pranayamas, The Gita and all it's many lessons and of course chanting.

It all began in February 2017 and my mastectomy was performed on the 5th April, I returned to teaching on the 21st of the same month. Teaching Yoga is my therapy. While in hospital I practiced a lot of Pranayama, I did simple Asana like wrist and hip rotations, slowly followed with shoulder and neck rolls and within a few days I could do reverse prayer hands behind my back. I put all that down to the strong practice I enjoyed before the operation and simply my love of Yoga and desire to get back on top as soon as I sensibly could. My sister, my Mum and my children were such a fantastic support as were my students and friends throughout this journey, and continue to be with me every step of the way. Many of them have since gone and asked for screening and checks and if I have helped to have them be more vigilant and aware then I feel that's one of the reasons that it has happened to me.

It's been four weeks now and I am still mostly teaching vocally only but I have a little more movement and strength each day. Pathology reports showed that I did have a little of a more aggressive cancer in my sentinel lymph node which was removed at surgery but that there was no need for radio or chemotherapy. I will be on medication and require a further operation but I feel blessed it was caught so early and encourage all my students, family, friends and everyone reading this to attend their check-ups and check themselves and if you are not sure, then ask for help.

Yoga is so much more that a stretch or exercise, for me it is a saviour, a coping mechanism, an old dear friend that will never not be there for me. I am looking forward now to leading my retreat in rural Spain and my annual big charity fundraising event of 108 sponsored Sun Salutations and Yoga festival, planning a Bhakti immersion course in India and loving life.










Almost Spring 2017

Isn't it lovely to see the signs of Spring all around us ?  More light, new hope, new beginnings and lust for life.  It makes me think of the Lotus flower and it's analogy we refer to in yoga, that no matter how dark things seem, when you feel like you are drowning in the deep dark muddy waters, there is hope, you can rise, grow, blossom and be even stronger, more beautiful than ever before. Never give up.

My next eight trainees have begun the 200 hour course which got off to a 'flying' start with an arrow breaking ceremony to break through anything that stood in the way of success.  It was amazing, thanks again to Clara of Emerald Pheonix.

Sundays' workshop was wonderful. Fifty beautiful souls all immersing themselves in a Yin practice accompanied by solo flute, played by fellow yogini Mhairi.  This was followed by Mantra tuition and practice with voices like angels everyone chanted from the heart, bliss!

Lots coming soon, see workshop tab for more details. SwamiJi arriving at the end of June for a long weekend of Tantra / Kundalini. Places still avaialable. 

Hard at work on the next big PINK LOTUS FESTIVAL 108 event for September too. 

More details coming soon.  Namaste x






Happy New Year 2017 !

Hari Om,

I arrived home from India last night 10 Jan, brrrrr it's cold, but the warmth in my heart is keeping me going.  Classes resume on Thursday 12 January and today I'm back to organising workshops and retreats, another busy year ahead !

India was, as always, enlightening and very special. My first week was in Rishikesh where I had visited a couple of years ago, but only for 1 day, and I knew I wanted to go back.  Then last summer I attended a workshop led by a Swami Samarpam and it turned out his Ashram was in Rishikesh, don't you just love it when life shows you the path ahead.  I stayed at the Ashram and had a wonderful few days visiting temples, attending Aartis and living the Ashram life.

In my second week I was attending a 3-5 day program at Isha Yoga, Coimbatore.  I arrived two days before the course to settle in. It is an enormous complex very well run, clean and beautiful  The course was women only and there was 200 of us, eating, sleeping and working together 24 hours a day.  It was very intense and I am still processing the work.

My last few days were at 'home' in Tiruvannamalai, by Arunachala mountain.  I stay at a farm guesthouse a few miles away from the hustle and bustle, it's just bliss! I simply adore being on the mountain and in Sri Ramanas Ashram and it's wonderful surroundings.  I spent a morning at our beloved school that we support every year and saw my sponsor boy Prakash who I have now supported for over seven years, he is growing fast. Lots of photos on my facebook page under Karina Stewart, feel free to look, I also have a business page, Arunachala Yoga Centre - pink lotus.

Hope to see you soon at classes, workshops and retreats.

Namaste xx












October 2016

I am so so happy to tell you all that the Pink Lotus Yoga Festival raised £7,000 after expenses for our charities! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who made this possible xxx

As part of the festivities my amazing 8 trainees passed their final exam and are now fully qualified 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga teachers.  Very proud and wish them all the very best in their teachings.

I have one place remaining on the next training course beginning Feb 2017.   NOW TAKEN

Last week I attended an enlightening Isha Yoga Course devised by Sadhguru and I am dedicated to continuing the practice for 40 days.  Feeling good, I have signed up for the follow up programe in India.  It is so important to have a personal daily practice, if you need help to have something to focus on daily please do ask.

Watch this space for future Yoga days, retreats and classes.

Love Karina







September 2016

It's September, woo hoo, time for the BIG EVENT, well actually two big events. This years new yoga teachers graduations and the 10th anniversary of the 108 Sun Salutations, celebrating Internation Day Of Peace! 

As it's the 10th anniversay we are holding a festival over two days, 24 and 25 September. Please see the link on the cover page for details or go to -

I am in the process of organizing a Yoga retreat to IBIZA for 2017, more details coming soon but please let me know if you would be keen to come along. It will be for a week and probably at the end of September.

Looking forward to seeing lots of you at the festival and raising lots of money for the charities.

Love and Light x








June 2016

Hi everyone, what a beautiful three hours some of us shared on Sunday (5 June) I wish we had longer, but, another time. Chakras and mantras are so powerful, I loved every minute.

So, another date for your diaries..... Saturday June 25...... which is Mantra class day, 3pm lets chant at the beach (exact location to be confirmed) AND let's practice for September by flowing through 54 Sun Salutations, AND let's do a fire ceremony! After all that we could eat and chat, bring a vegan dish to share!








Wow, what a fantastic weekend, I attended HOLI colour festival in Lesmahagow for the second year running and it was amazing.  Our wonderful friends from the Iskon movement will be in Aberdeen for a full days Kirtan on Saturday 2nd July, contact me for more details!  

Enquiries have been flooding in re the next 200 hr Teacher Training.  It will begin around Feb 2017 on the last weekend of every month for approx 14 months.  I only train 8 students at a time to ensure quality of training, again contact me to arrange discussion on this xx

laugh, love live xx







May 2016 already !

I think it's going to be another fabulous and fast year.  Two workshops coming soon, a retreat and Pink Lotus Yoga Festival (10th anniversary of the 108 sun salutations event) 

Firstly I have a workshop (which for teachers attending will be CPD accredited) on June 5th. This will be about the Chakras and Mantras.

Then on 17 July a very exciting event, Empowerment yoga session followed by an amazing motivational afternoon culminating in 'GLASS WALKING' ! 

On 24 / 25 September Pink Lotus Yoga Festival with classes and workshops on the Saturday.  This will be the day of my eight trainees exam classes! Web page coming soon to book in. On the Sunday it will be the sponsored 108 rounds of Surya Namaskaram, Kirtan, recovery Yoga session, stalls and massage, Henna hand painting, Bagran dancing and the trainees Graduation ceremony !  What a fabulous weekend its going to be. We are supporting Aberdeen's Neo Natal Unit, Aberdeen's Cornerstone and the school in India we have been helping for nine years.  Don't miss it!

Any questions please contact me.

Hari Om






Reflections on India

When I first travelled to India it was as part of a group led by my beloved Guru, Muz Murray.  I think I cried everyday for three weeks!  I cried tears of joy, tears of love and tears of disbelief the I, single mum of three, was actually in India!  I felt so privilaged, so humbled and so strangely at home!

I really thought it would be a once in a lifetime trip but here I am ten years on and I have visited every year.  India is like a magnet attached to my heart.  I love being near Arunachala, the sacred hill and home to Sri Ramana Maharshi, my Guru's Guru and I visit the school that my students helped me to build and support, it is run by I also love seeing the little boy, Prakash, that I began sponsoring when he was 4 yrs old and he is nearly 11 yrs now and is growing into a fine young man.

At Christmas 2015 into New year 2015, my friend Alison Henderson and I took an amzing trip around North and South India.  I had only been to the South and really wanted to see Jaipur and Agra to visit the Taj Mahal (we spend Christmas day at the Taj).  Before we left I attended a Yoga Show in Islington and got chatting to Gopal Das at the Hari Krishna stand.  I was telling him where we were going and he mentioned Vrindavan was nearby and said we were welcome to look him up and visit, which we did.  

Vrindavan is busy and loud, beautiful and full of Bhakti (Bhakti (Sanskrit: भक्ति) literally means "attachment, participation, devotion to, fondness for, homage, faith or love, worship, piety to (as a religious principle or means of salvation)". Bhakti, in Hinduism, refers to devotion and the love of a personal god or a representational god by a devotee.

 I knew instantly that I wanted to take my next group there as I was sure they would feel as I did.

When we open our ears, eyes and hearts to the deeper sounds coming our way, something magical happens and love fills us in a way that is difficult to describe.

We had just travelled from two much quieter rural places and the contrast was too much for some but I hope with all my heart that upon reflection Vrindavan will become a beautiful memory of bliss.  

To see photographs of my time in India please see my facebook page under Karina Stewart.

Hari Bol 

Rhadi Rhadi









Happy New Year everyone xx

What an amazing start to this new year I had, I spent four days at Lendrick Lodge on a celtic Shamin course with Firewalking being the main event on Hogmany and lots more, it was amazing!  I've been using my drum and rattle in classes for sound healing and loving it x

Classes are doing really well, unfortunatley the ones at David lloyds are suffering due to flood damage but some of the students are attending my studio so as not to miss their practice, do contact me if you want a space.

My new group of 8 trainee yoga teachers are doing really well, going for GOLD with their training!

The partner yoga day on January 17th is full but another yoga day will be coming soon.

I will be in India for February but Laura will keep the classes going in my absence x

Keep you love light burning brightly xxx




IT'S 108 WEEKEND 2015!  At last its time for our annual fund-raising day. Very excited to say that we will be joined not only by Kirtan Scotland, but also Jayadev (John Richardson) will be our special guest Kirtan singer and drummer.  Jayadev is famous for drumming and singing with the 70's band The Rubettes, a lovely man and a wonderful shining light to aid our spiritual journey.  

We are hosting a small Kirtan session in my home studio Tomorrow (Saturday 3 Oct) at 3 pm till 5 pm and then on Sunday it's 10 - 2 for the big one. Please do come along to support those doing the 108 Sun Salutations, listen to the music, dance, eat and have fun.  Culter Village Hall, Peterculter, Aberdeen.  See you soon xx








September 2015

There is a few changes to my timetable of classes, so if you haven't looked for a while check it out.  New drop-in YIN YOGA classes twice a week!






AUGUST 2015, what a fantastic retreat that was!  22 amazing and beautiful woman came along to The Burn at Edzell for my 'empowering women' yoga retreat. Hearts were opened, muscles were strengthened and stretched and laughter (along with tears) was plentiful.  Really enjoyed sharing yoga with you all and can't wait to do it all again..

Next year booked already!  NEWBOLD HOUSE, in Forres 11 Aug 2016.  Bookable now!

Shanti Om






Hari Bol friends,  I have at last secured a venue for this years' annual fundraising event, 108 Surya Namaskarum.  It will be in Culter Village Hall, 178 North Deeside Road, Aberdeen AB14 OUD.  Parking is very limited so please car share or perhaps get dropped off and collected.

Sunday 4 October 10 - 2.  £20 entry and please email me for a sponsor form to raise money for the school in India and for Aberdeen Charity 'Cornerstone'.  Thank you so much.  If you cannot get sponsors there will be an opportunity to make a donation on the day, also before or after the event via myself.  




Hari Om, Sorry for the delay in updating the Blog. So proud of the seven 'trainees' who are now qualified Yoga Teachers, well done to Laura, Janice, Elaine, Louise, Clare, Christine and Avril.  It's been quite a journey which will continue for them all.



This months' (July '15) mantra class is cancelled due to Aberdeens first 12 hour Kirtan event.  Please pop along at any time for as long as you want to stay, chant and enjoy the company and the lovely food at Quakers room, Crown Street. Donation at the door. Ommmmmmmm



INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA is almost here!  This Sunday 21 June we are celebrating the very first International Day Of Yoga and Summer Solstice AND the graduation of the first seven trainee Yoga Teachers to qualify with Pink Lotus.  The girls have studied hard for the past 15 months, covering 200 hours with me, 100 + extra hours of classes and countless hours of studying.  I am so proud of them, it will be emotional for me to see them on stage as they lead around 30 participants through a day of Yoga.  We are raising funds for Aberdeen charity, Cornerstone and anyone wishing to help can give at any time in classes, through my fundraising page on '' and on the day.


IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - This years' Sun Salutation event date has been changed to Sunday 4 October. Please sign up and share with any yogi friends too. 

Shanti Shanti Shanti



Hari Om, It's Spring, yippee. New beginnings, personal growth and longer, brighter days!  The garden is beginning to show it's colours and there is an anticipation in the air of what the new season holds for us.  As the clocks Spring forward this weekend, try not to worry about the 'lost' hour of sleep, be happy to spring into a brand new day and why not come along to end of month MANTRA class. 3pm .

We are now a group of ten for the Turkey yoga retreat, 1st to 8th June, places still availalble though.  I am also in the process of booking a long weekend retreat either in Forres or Callander in August.

Any questions please do send me an email







As promised here are the main Pranayamas and postures for regular practice (daily where possible)

FULL YOGIC BREATHE : Inhale feeling the belly, then the rib area and finally the chest filling with energy, slowly exhale at least 3 times.

ALTERNATE NOSTRIL : Inhale fully, cover right nostril, exhale left, inhale left and pinch the nose retaining for at least 2 secs, release right side to exhale, inhale right, pinch and hold, release left side to exhale....continue, build practice to 20 mins + per day.

BASTRIKA: focusing on the mid lungs, inhale fully feeling lungs pressing against ribs and exhale completely emptying around 10 times

KAPALABHATI : take a deep breathe then short exhales as if blowing a mosquito from the nose x 15 + ( your belly should pull inwards with each one, breathe a normal breath or two and repeat around 3 times

BRAMHARI : cover your ears and eyes and close the mouth, withdrawing the senses, inhale and then exhale with a humming bee sound till empyty, feeling the vibrations, repeat as long as you wish.




If you require any help with this please get in touch, one to ones available.





Home and back to classes after three amazing weeks touring India over Christmas and New Year.  I experienced some wonderful places and people including the Taj Mahal on Christmas Day, The Ganges, beautiful Temples, fabulous Yoga teachers and of course our Sponsor school and the glorious Arunachala Hill.  Who wants to come along next year?

Classes are busy but there are some daytime spaces available including the NEW CLASSES on a THURSDAY morning 6.30-7.30 am and 10 - 11.30 am. 

There are a handful of spaces for PARTNER YOGA DAY on Sunday 15 Feb and taking names now for the following :

Yoga day showcasing my 8 amazing trainees - 21 June FREE (donations gratefully received)

108 SUN SALUTATION DAY - 20 September



Please get in touch to express your interest











 (13 McCombies Court, AB10 1AW)


Is your mind driving you crazy?


In this fast paced busy life of ours it can be difficult to find inner peace, Mantras, (sound vibrations), can help.


Often students ask why we chant sounds without understanding their meanings as the mantras are in the original, ancient language of Sanskrit.


Sanskrit sounds are healing, the vibrations of the sounds permeate every cell in the body and allow the mind to become tranquil. Agitation is reduced, helping us to turn inward.


  All sounds have an effect on us, not all in a good way, traffic, machinery, even the fridge in our kitchen can agitate the body and mind, a beautiful piece of music can move us to tears and a baby’s laughter is infectious.  Mantra can move you beyond explanation, it can free long held emotions, pent up feelings and heal the body in amazing ways. You have to try it to believe it.


Come along and join us, let’s chant and be happy.


Led by Karina




11 Sept 2014

Only 10 days till INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE and our annual celebration of 108 Sun Salutations, still time to join in on Sunday 21 September.!  Contact me for more information.

Meanwhile a few students have signed up for the next retreat to Yuva in Turkey.  We are going on 1st June, home on the 8th and the flights are bookable now along with a £100 deposit to me to secure your place. Again, please contact me if you are keen to come along for a week of sunshine, yoga and relaxation.

I am already taking names for the next group retreat to India, January 2016.  This is a life changing experience, India is magical.  Any questions get in touch.

Shanti Om







Yogis, I have lost track of who still needs a sponsor form emailed to them for International Day of Peace, sponsored Sun Salutations. Please let me know if you need one. Shanti........ Oh and please remember there are gentle options if you are unable to perform all 108.  The event is on 21 September at 10 am with live Kirtan music.  Spaces available.





Hi, I am going to be away for a few days attending my Guru (Muz Murray's) 5 day Mantra and meditation retreat.  Do drop me an email if you would like to put your name down for my next Yoga workshop on Sunday 24 Aug 1-7pm at South Holburn Church Hall, Aberdeeen.  Our friends Scotland Kirtan will alsdo be there.

Space still available for the 108 Sponsored Sun Salutations on 21 September too.

I have a couple of places in class on a Monday evening at my home studio in Bridge Of Don, 5.45 - 715. Contact me for more details.

Namaste x




Hari Om

I have just returned from a glorious week of teaching with a lovely group of students in Turkey, at the stunning Yuva Eco Centre.  This is the third time I have used Yuva and intend booking again for next June,  many students are interested, so don't delay putting your name on my list.

So much happening now, personal and teaching.  This Friday I have my Sons' Graduation, very proud Mum, he graduates as a dentist from Dundee University.  Saturday, 21st we have our Kirtan event, 4-7 pm at South Holburn Church Hall (new venue).  Some of us are doing sun salutations during the event and there is space for more to join in or just come for the music and food. £10.

Then July 19 & 20 Muz Murray will be here, I am so looking forward to this, again spaces are available.

September 21st is when our big yearly event is on, 108 Sun Salutations, please sign up and help to raise funds for our school and the children in South India. Very special day.

Please contact me to discuss any of these events.

Namaste, Karina







Many of my students have asked which postures they should practice daily, this is a difficult one as we are all so different.  You cannot go wrong with daily Sun Salutations, when you are familiar with the 12 posture sequence you can add poses in, like the Warriors after the lunge and extra floor poses from Plank, like Bow pose.  

I would also recommend daily Cobbler pose, seated forward bends, gently twists and Sphynx pose.  Hope this helps, one to ones are always availalble upon request.

Love and Light

Karina xx





Hari Bol

May 2014 and a year I've been in my new house and running classes from my home studio, Arunachla, what an amazing year it has been :)

The recent yoga day was fully attended and was great fun, another one coming early August. 

Other events are booking up well and we have another one to add as our dear friends, Scotland Kirtan, are coming up for an afternoon of Kirtan on Saturday 21st June from 4-7pm followed by lovely food all for £10 per person.

 Don't delay in booking for the one and only Muz Murray ( 19 & 20 July and of course the Sun Salutations in September, please pass any of this news to other yogis who may want to join us, thank you xx




Om Namah Shivaya

Spring is most definitely in the air with lovely blue skies and happily chirping birds. I had a sad ending to February when my beloved cat of 13yrs had to depart from his body. Many students will miss his welcome to yoga classes and I am heart broken, he was a beautiful soul.  I have made my new front garden a memorial to him with a pebble 'OM' and his ashes under a lovely Buddha, RIP Rupert.

Lots happening as always, briefly as follows :

Last Saturday of  March and every month, 3 - 4.30pm Mantra class

Sunday 13th April - a day of yoga

2nd - 9th June a week of yoga in Turkey

19 and 20 July a weekend (non residential) meditation and mantra with Muz Murray

21 September, sponsored Sun Salutations for charity

Please get in touch for more info and to book

Namaste, Karina 







I know September seems a long way off but it'll be here before you know it.  On 21 September, International Day of Peace,  I am hoping that we will have the best attended Sun Salutation event to date.  Every year I hope that 108 students will come together in our annual moving meditation of 108 rounds of sponsored Sun Salutations for charity, it hasn't happened.....yet, we usually have around 50, let's make it happen. See me in class, call or email, to add your name and commit to this wonderful event.  Thank you xx




Hari Om, 

Sorry it's been a while since I've updated.  Now that I am home from India classes are back to normal.  India was, as always, amazing, we travelled as a group of 12 and we all got along beautifully.  We had a different experience every day, a feast on the eyes, heart and mind, Five glorious days at Tiru Farm visiting the school we support, which is doing really well, climbing beloved Arunachala Hill, visiting Yogi Ahokananda at his charming Ashram and a day relaxing by the pool.  We then travelled by train to see Meenakashi Temple in Madurai before staying three days at a Sivananda Yoga retreat and onwards to Allepey in Kerala to drift along the backwaters on an overnight boat trip and finishing at Mundalamai Wilderness Resort. Whew! Can't wait to go back.

Places are still availalble for my week in Turkey, 2nd June 2014 at Yuva Eco Centre, please get in touch for more info.

Mantra classes are back, beginning this month on Feb 22nd at 3pm.  Yoga classes at Arunachala Yoga Centre are going well, the only spaces are daytime at the moment, especially Tuesdays 10 am and 1.30 pm.

Places are booking up quickly for the Mantra weekend with Muz Murray, 19 & 20 July, don't delay.

Anything else you want to ask, just email or call me,









Updated Web-site

Namaskaram everyone, how do you like my new web-site?  Isn't it lovely?  LFI creative have done a superb job, thank you so much Richard, Cammy and Stewart.

Mantra class is this Saturday the 30th November 2014 at 3pm in my home studio, Arunachala Yoga Centre, all welcome, it's going to be a good one!

Please get in touch if you would like to attend the Christmas Kirtan with our wonderful friends from Lesmahagow. Chant, dance, chill out and eat lovely warming food, chat with amazing people about all things Yogic, forget the Christmas shopping and relax! Sunday 8th December 3-6pm then food, £20 payable now to me.

Please do have a good look through the web site and contact me for any more information on events, retreats and classes, I look forward to hearing from you.

If anyone is interested in an early morning class I would be happy to run one a week, probably a Wednesday morning, possibly a 'Men's only' but let's see what the interest is.

Love and a big peace hug,





Mantra class

Hi everyone, there will be a change to the date for the next Mantra class as I will be at the London Yoga Show (yippee) on the last Saturday of this month.  So Mantra class will be Saturday 2nd November and another on Saturday 30th November. I think we all be too busy for one in December but happy to do one if there is demand, oh and not January either as some of us will be in beloved India............Swaha xx


October news

How blessed are we?!  What a lovely first day of October and what an amazing summer we have had.

Well, firstly a huge thank you to everyone involved through participation, sponsoring and supporting the annual 108 Sun Salutations.  We have already raised over £2000 with more to come in.  This means so much to the children we support in Tiruvannamalai, South India.  Myself and 10 students will visit in January and will see first hand just what a difference this makes, thank you all.

Our next exciting event is a Day of Yoga with a special guest, on Sunday 17 November at Balgownie Community Centre, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.  Yoga with me from 10 till 1 then lunch (included) and from 2-4 we have Sound Journey workshop, a wonderful experience of meditation via sound using drums, singing bowls and much more.

Mantra classes continue to thrive, usually held on the last Saturday of each month but I will be at the London Yoga Show this month, so Mantra on first and last Saturday of November, all welcome.

More news soon, for now, live peacefully, and truthfully, lots of love, Karina xx


SUNDAY 1st SEPTEMBER is the date for my next Day Of Yoga. 10am till 4pm - £30 at Corbie Hall (Maryculter community hall) by the Old Mill Inn.  Please let me know if you wish to attend.

Namaste x 




I hope to offering students the opportunity to embark on a deeper journey into their Yoga Practice by holding 200 hr Teacher Training from my home studio, Arunachala Yoga Centre.  This is another big step along the road for me too, life just gets better and better when you follow your dreams xxx



For the 7th year I am proud to announce an opportunity to join with Yoga communities all over the planet to raise funds for charity, awareness of International Day Of Peace and to raise your spirits.

A moving meditation of 108 rounds of Surya Namaskaram in the Hatha Yoga method of 12 poses each round performed in four sections of 27 each, taking around one hour and fifty minutes to complete all 108.

This year we will be joined by the amazing and beautiful, Kirtan Scotland band, who will help to keep us going and for those left wanting more there will be an opportunity to stay for a light lunch and more music.

A sponsor form will be emailed to each participant to raise funds for Arunachalum trust, a school In South India that we have supported over the past six years.

Please contact KARINA on 07974010465 or by visiting to email me.


DATE    :- SUNDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER 2013 @ 10.00

ENTRANCE FEE (payable in advance) :-

£15 per person for Sun Salutation event only

£30  if staying for light lunch and Kirtan till 3pm


Update May 2014

I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY AND CONTENT !  Life is amazing, beautiful and full of adventures.   Classes are going so well at the new studio, Arunachala. The Kirtan day was amazing and future events all looking good. What more could I ask.

So, coming soon................

Saturday May 25th at 3pm MANTRA session at Arunachala, 5 Scotstown Gardens.

June 10th - 17th Turkey Yoga Retreat

June 22nd MANTRA at 3pm

July 1st Scotland Kirtan in Aberdeen City centre daytime then at 7pm at Corbie Hall ( contact me to attend)

September 22nd Annual 108 Sun Salutations WITH LIVE KIRTAN fund raising event, sign up now, sponsor forms and entry tickets available soon.

Jan 2014 - 2 week retreat to INDIA

Dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening and love like you have never been hurt xxxxxx




Deeply Discover Your-Self and India with your Yoga teacher, Karina on a 2 week journey of Yoga / spirituality and ASHRAM PILGRIMAGE in southern India.  Are you ready to find the Real You? Are you ready for the magical transformative journey of a lifetime?  The trip will be up to one week in Tiruvannamalai, home of the late Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Here we will stay in sight of the holy mountain, Arunachala, visiting Bhagavan’s previous abode at Skandashram and the Samadhi Temple Hall of Ramanashramam and of course visiting the school which we support and then onward for a week to Kerala visiting nature sanctuaries, tea plantations and enjoying a peaceful backwaters boat trip.  The travel itself will be part of the adventure and a time for learning, chanting and inner observation. Although my aim is to make the trip as hassle-free as possible for us all, nothing ever goes as smoothly as we expect in India! So our party of flexible and intrepid travellers can be ready for some minor discomforts here and there. But this is, after all, to be an inner journey of the heart. We are not going as tourists but as spiritual travellers on pilgrimage. It is not the destination that matters, whether it is in simple rustic ashrams or well-appointed hotels, but how we take the inner and outer journey that counts. What I ask of you is to write me a couple of paragraphs about your reasons for coming along on this journey and your expectations (although it is best not to have expectations) .  I need to be confident that everyone is coming for the ‘right’ reasons, this is not a ‘holiday’ although I hope with all my heart that you have the best experience of your life! Please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
KIRTAN DAY, live music and yoga
Come, joing us on Sunday May 12th from 10 am to 4 pm at :-   
Camphill School Aberdeen
Murtle House, Murtle Estate
AB15 9EP
for a bliss filled day of live music with 'Scotland Kirtan' and Karina.  I will lead a yoga class to live music in the morning and then the lovely members of Scotland Kirtan will teach us some of their wonderful chants, join in or simply lie back and listen, either way here are a few of the benefits :-
Scientific studies show the following benefits of chanting.

1) Relaxes Muscle Tension
2) Reduces Stress Related Hormones
3) Increases Levels of Melatonin
4) Enhances the Senses
5) Releases Endorphins
6) Increases Lymphatic Circulation
7) Oxygenates the Cells
Lowers Blood Pressure

The positive vibrations of sound resonate through all our organs, tissues, cells and atoms. Lastly, it builds community... in Kirtan we sing together, breathe together, move together, and this lifts us out of isolation and into connectedness.
Please contact me re booking and payment of £30 ( plus a small donation to help with lunch costs would be appreciated)
I am so excited about this event, don't miss it ! xx
Shanti Om
Happy Easter 2013


Apologies for the delay in up-dating, time flies so quickly.  The past couple of months have been a happy blur or amazing events.  I decided at quite short notice to go to India foa two weeks at the end of February and the day before I left I got the news that I had been the successful applicant for the house I had put a bid in for !  At last I have my own house, complete with garden and most exciting a room big enough for small yoga sessions.

This does mean that my timetable will change, as much as I love teaching in 8 Bon Accord Square, it costs quite a lot to hire the room, pay for parking and to get there and back from Bridge of Don will be too stressful, this goes for the Yoga Spot too.  I hope that most of my students will be able to come for more intimate lessons to my home studio. Most of the club classes will remain the same for now.

India was fantastic and especially visiting the new school and seeing the children in it. There is still work to be completed and a school bus is desperately required so that all the children can get there, at the moment many are still using the old school.  While there I began making arrangements for next years yoga retreat and now need to find out who really wants to commit to coming on this adventure.  We plan to go around 25 Jan 2014 for two weeks, spending five days in Tiruvannamalai visiting the school, Arunachala mountain and temple, before heading onwards towards Kerala with hopefully a wild life nature reserve tour and a visit to a tea plantation, a backwaters boat trip amongst other wonderful experiences......interested ? 

The next Yoga Day is 21st April and then we have another exciting event when Scotland Kirtan band and myself are hosting a Kirtan Yoga Day on 12 May.  Please do let me know is you wish to attend by emailing or calling me, or see me in class if you are a student of mine.

Finally there are two spaces available for the long weekend yoga retreat in Newbold House, Forres, again do talk to me if you want to know more.

Namaste everyone, enjoy your Easter eggs and maybe see you at Aberdeen yoga festival, Bon Accord Sq, this weekend ( remember to put your clocks forward on Sat evening ) xx


Happy 2013

Namaskaram everyone xx

January is almost over already and I can tell it's going to be a busy yoga filled year ahead.  Classes have been full to over flowing, such a wonderful sight to see so many people taking to Yoga practice.

Today we had our monthly Mantra class, lovely, as always.  Please come along to the next one, especially if you are unsure what to expect !  There will not be a February Mantra class as I hoping to be in my beautiful second home of Tiruvannamala, India.  I so want to see the children in their new school and of course do some planning for next January's India retreat.  The last weekend of March sees a yoga festival being held in 8 Bon Accord Square so the Mantra will be on SATURDAY 23rd MARCH at 2.30 - 4 pm

There are only a handful of places still available to join us on our retreat to sunny Turkey, 10 - 17 June 2013, for all levels of yogis, just get in touch for a chat about it.

I am hoping to host a Yoga Day in March also, I will update on this soon and of course I am still on the hunt for premises of my own and then I will be able to offer many more classes of different levels and styles.

So I will say farewell for now, please do email or call me with any questions.

Shanti shanti, shanti Om, Karina


Christmas 2012

Christmas is only a week away and many of my classes are winding down, some having a complete break, others reduced over the holidays, do email me if you are unsure if your class is on.

In these cold wet dark days of winter why not look forward to a week in Turkey, June 2013, I still have a few spaces for my 7 day yoga retreat, again any questions either email or call me

There will be mantra class on Saturday 29 Dec as usual 2.30 - 4 pm, just turn up at 8 Bon Accord Square, you are very welcome. 

There will be a workshop in February, I'm thinking maybe a partner day again, more details coming soon.

I hope you all have a wonder-filled Christmas and do keep some yoga practice going at home,

Peace at Christmas and always, love Karina xx




Return to Newbold House

Due to demand I have organised a long weekend retreat to the wonderful Newbold House, near Findhorn, Forres.  We were last there in 2010 and had a wonderful time, so lets do it again, this time in Summer 2013 from Thursday 25th till Sunday 28th July.  The all inclusive cost will be £320 per person and I have a number of students already interested so book soon!

Meanwhile there are still a few spaces for our week long retreat to Turkey next June.

Email or call me for further details.

Workshops and Retreats 2012-14

As I write this it is raining heavily, cold and windy, but I can't help but feel warm and full of joy.  Once again my students and friends have helped to raise urgently required funding for our beloved school, and we have sent over £2,300 with more to come in, thank you from my heart and from the teachers and children in Tiruvannamalai, South India.  The children move into their much awaited new school this week thanks to people like us supporting them.

So with that in mind I would like to jump way ahead to Feb 2014 and suggest a yoga retreat / pilgrimage to see the children and their school, to visit the sacred mountain of Arunachala and much more, plus a week in a beautiful retreat centre in Kerala. Interested?  Call me!

Before that we have our seven nights in Turkey, June 2013, deposits required ASAP of £100, balance £400 plus flights, for all yoga, food etc.

Please note my retreats are for students serious about their yoga practice, they are not holidays, but we do have fun xx

Finally we have a day of yoga again, Sunday 18th November from 10.00 - 16.00, in Corbie Hall, Oldmill Inn, South Deeside Road,  £30 per person, bring lunch.  Do please contact me for a space as we are limited to how many we can have. 

Shanti Om, Karina xx

Returned from California, but still flying high

Well all I can say is WOW !  What an experience I have had, I am so blessed. Two weeks in California with my dear friend and spiritual sister, Miriam.  I met Miriam on my last trip with Muz to India and we really connected, "you should come to Bhakti Fest", she said, its a huge yoga festival for five days in the desert of Joshua Tree County and all the big stars come.  At the time I didn't think for a minute I would make it, but through the grace of the Universe I did.  Miriam had it all organisied, we relaxed, we visited and spent time at her Guru's Ashram in the beautiful Ojai and then we were off to Bhakti.

It exceeded all my dreams!  3,000 heart centred yogis, chanting 24hrs a day with the likes of Deva Premal, Jai Uttal and Krishna Das to name but a few.  Yoga led by Shiva Rae and Saul David Raye and many more, workshops to blow your mind, literally!  Wonderful, blissful, magical, amazing........I loved it!  So many special memories, I will treasure forever.

We headed off for a few more days rest and relaxation, well I say rest, we began by climbing a 5,000 ft mountain in the desert heat, in Joshua Tree National Park, day one of my latest challenge, to cover, one way or another, 5k a day for 50 days, what a way to start.

AND now its that time of the year again - 108 SUN SALUTATION event.  This year, on Sunday 23rd September, we will be at Sheddocksley Sports Centre, Springhill Road, off the Lang Stracht, Aberdeen AB16 6QJ.  PLEASE join us, there is plenty space!  Just be there for 9.45am so we can get going at 10am and finished by noon.  £10 door entry to cover the hire charge and a donation to charity (the school in India - See you there.

Bless you all, Karina xxxxxx


Update July 2012

Hari Om

Just a short update, mainly to notify everyone of a change of date for the PARTNER YOGA DAY, from July 29 to AUGUST 26, please contact me for more details.

Also the monthly MANTRA CLASS will not be on in July or August and will start again on a different day and time in September, on the last Saturday of each month, from 2.30 - 4pm in 8 Bon Accord Square.




Mid summer news
MUZ is almost in Aberdeen!!  There is still time to get your ticket for 7th and / or 8th July to spend time with Muz Murray in Camphill School Hall, chanting and discussing all manner of things.  This workshop will leave you feeling bliss and contentment like never before, thats why I spend time with him at least twice a year, every year since I first seen and heard him during my teacher training in 2001. Please come x
Our next event is another yoga day on Sunday July 29th at Corbie Hall, Milltimber, this time for partner yoga, be it your friend, relative or partner, working in pairs can really deepen your practice and is loads of fun.
September 23rd is the date this year for our sponsored 108 Sun Salutations, will we reach the magical 108 participants this year?  I promise this is a very do-able task, even my Grandson completed it last year aged 10!
Looking ahead to next summer, I have provisionally booked Yuva in Turkey again for the yoga retreat, led by myself, this time 10 - 17 June, so it will be lovely and warm for our early morning practice. Places are going fast so don't delay in booking with me if interested.
If you want to know more about any of these please contact me by email, telephone or in class.
Summer Time and the Living is a little easier!
The sun is shining and has been since I returned for leading the yoga retreat in Yuva, Turkey. Doesn't it make your heart sing?!
My daughter has had her operation and it was a big one, but she is slowly improving thankfully and hopefully will continue to as each new day comes.
The retreat centre in Turkey was beautiful, with breathtaking scenery, the ocean as our daily view and the mountains and forests surrounding us.  We practiced yoga twice daily for 2hrs in the morning and same again early eveing.  The hospitality was superb and I would use the same venue again.  We did have a day and a half of thunderstorms but took this time to be quiet and restful and also to practice our Mantra.
Tickets are now available for the day of Mantra on 24 June and for Muz's weekend 7/8 July, please contact me for details.
Enjoy the sun
Swaha xx
Well, life has certainly been challenging lately and that's when it's most important to remain calm within.  When we want to scream and yell at the injustices it is much better to be quiet and reflect, to be calm and to deal with one thing at a time.  Difficult but not impossible.
My engagement is off but although this seems sad, I am taking it as another life lesson and I'm smiling xx
My middle daughter, Laura, is ill and awaiting an operation so please spare her a thought in your meditation and chanting, thank you.  With all this going on I had to postpone the Day Of Mantra on 29th April, but I'm thinking 24th June is Mid Summers Day, what a great day to chant!  What do you think?
And talking of Mantra, of course the big weekend will be here soon when my Guru, Muz Murray (Ramana Baba) comes to Aberdeen.  July 7th & 8th at Murtle Estate Hall.  Tickets are available through me at £55 and you can see more details of what the weekend will include at
Please feel free to contact me through email or telephone to discuss workshops or classes, or yoga in general.
Stay calm within, Namaste
Spring has sprung!
It was so lovely to meet yoga students from other classes around Aberdeen while teaching at the very first 'Aberdeen Yoga Festival' event last weekend.  The Mantra session I led was fabulous, no shyness, lovely voices and enthusiasm and the Chakra yoga session felt wonderful, I hope to see you all again.
There are a few spaces available on my Spring Yoga Day, 1st April from 10-4pm a day of Asana, pranayama and fun.
Due to popular demand I am hosting a Day of Mantra on 29th April also from 10-4, I am really looking forward to this as I love mantra so much and enjoy spreading its joy, please contact me if you want to come along.  Beginners most welcome.
Tickets are also now available for the wonderful weekend workshop with Muz Murray ( again contact me.
Enjoy the sunshine from above and from within, Swaha xxx

Karina's blog
Home from India
Hari Om x
Now that my tummy bug has finally left me I feel able to reflect on my precious time spent in India under the careful guardianship and teaching of my amazing mantra guru, Muz Murray. So difficult to put into words what my true heart feels, the peace, the love, the understanding of the Self gleamed through his guidance and the spirituality of India and in particular of Arunachala mountain. Another amazing experience xx Shanti, shanti, shanti Om, Swaha x
As always I have so many memories and stories to share from my three weeks travelling in the South of India, too many to quote here, but I am sure those of you who come to classes will soon hear them all! One of my main highlights was climbing to the top of Arunachala, amazing feeling! The school visit was, as always, moving and beautiful, the fire ceremony on the rooftop with Arunachala in the background, so special and of course the daily Mantra practice was fantastic.
On my return I have also shared some personal news with everyone and that is that my lovely partner Michael and I are now engaged x We are planning a party to celebrate our committment to each other and I will keep you up to date with details.
Lots happening, yoga wise, the monthy Mantra class starts on Friday 24th Feb, 6 - 7.30 pm at 8 Bon Accord Sq. (£8).
I am holding a Day Of Yoga on Sunday 1st April, £30 each at Corbie Hall, South Deeside Road.
Mus is coming back to Aberdeen for another weekend Mantra workshop on 7 & 8 July £55
Please email me if you would like to attend any of these or see me in class.
May your Inner Sun burn brightly and lead your way xx Karina
Almost Christmas 2011
Hari Om, four weeks till Christmas, which means its not long until I visit my beloved India again in January!
Next Sunday the 4th December I will be leading a 'Partner Day Of Yoga' there are only a couple of spaces left if anyone is interested in joining us.  It will be in Corbie hall again from 10am till 4pm and should be a day of love, laughter and unity, I am so looking forward to it! xx
When I return from India I plan to hold a Mantra get-together on the last Friday of every month, starting in February, please contact me if you would like to come.
The retreat to Turkey (Yuva eco centre) is booked and we have 16 students so far, I can take 24.  It will be from May 14-21st again contact me if you are keen to come along, all levels welcome.
All classes are going well and every one of them is always a joy to teach, I am blessed with wonderful students who love yoga and are always keen to try everything I offer them, thank you everyone xx
Fund raising update
A huge thank you to everyone who was involved either by participating or donating to the annual 108 Sun Salutation event, it was a lovely morning and so extra special to have Logan, my ten year old grandson, by my side, step by step, asana by asana performing all 108 rounds and helping me to lead the Mantra, he was a star!
We have reached £2,500 so far!
The India themed party in the evening went really well too, the dancing and the henna art, the beautiful pieces of art on display and all the lovely people who came along all made it a joy and worth all the organising.
Thank you everyone  

Retreat news
Roll up, roll up taking bookings now for our Turkey retreat!  Seven nights in the beautiful Yuva eco holiday centre with me as your teacher, sunshine and sea swimming, walking and lots more.  Two 2hr yoga classes each day, 7-9 am and 5-7 pm.  From 14th to 21st May 2012. Please contact me ASAP to book your place.
Change to retreat
Hari Om,
Unfortunately the retreat to Tuscany at the end of October has had to be cancelled due to rising costs.  A few of us are going to the London Yoga Show instead which is always a fatastic long weekend.
Remember the six week Mantra class starts on Saturday 17 September from 3 - 5 pm at 8 Bon Accord Square, all welcome.
Its only two weeks till our big annual fund raiser, the 108 Surya Namaskaram (Sun Salutations).  It will be in Aberdeen Leisure's Sports Hall, Beach Leisure Centre on Sunday 25 September at 10am, please join us!  Tickets also available for the  'India theme' fun party night on the same date at 6pm in Holburn Bar function room. Prizes for best dressed and lots of other fun things happening too.
Om Tryambakam, Swaha xx

Karina's blog
Almost August already?!
Well a wonderful mantra weekend was had on the first weekend of July.  The sun shone brightly for us to enjoy our breaks outside in the beautiful grounds of Murtle Estate and continued to shine in our hearts at the end of the workshop, bliss!  I am lucky enough to be seeing Muz again soon for the annual five day retreat which this year is in Stroud.
There is so much to look forward to and participate in over the next few months, so here goes ......
On Sunday 28 August, 10-4pm there will be another Day Of Yoga, for which there are still a few spaces @ £30, please bring lunch.
 Beginning on Saturday 17 September I am leading a six week block of mantra classes suitable for all, beginners and seasoned chanters! Book your space ASAP.
September also sees the 5th anniversary of our annual fund raising event, Sun Salutation Day, this year the closest Sunday to International Day Of Peace is the 25th and we are using the Beach Leisure Centres sports hall from 10am.  I have 57 names so far and my ambition is to have 108 yogis signed up to complete 108 rounds each.  This, I promise you, is do-able by all, no one has ever not completed it and there has been all agea from 7 - 70!  Sponsor forms availalbe now!
For the first time, this October, I am taking students on a five day retreat to Southern Tuscany.  We plan to go on 27 Oct and as well as daily yoga practice there will be sightseeing, massage therapies and perhaps an occassional Italian wine!  Places still available but not for long!  If the experience is all we hope it will be then I will arrange to go back in April.
Please email or call to book or enquire about any of the above.
Think that's enough for now, at this rate it will be Christmas before I know it...................Hari Om
In Peace and with Love
Summer 2011 workshops and fund-raisers
Places are filling up fast for forthcoming events, but all still have spaces for more!  Not long now till my Guru arrives in town for the Mantra / meditation weekend on July 2nd and 3rd, 10.30-6.30 each day.  This is a facinating workshop explaining how sound and vibration affects us down to a cellular level and aids meditation and healing.  Muz Murray has so much to offer and gives advice and explanations on any topic, spiritual and day to day topics, lots of time to ask questions in the post lunch session each day (bring lunch with you).  The workshop cost £55 and you can obtain your tickets by contacting me. Venue Murtle Hall, Camphill, Milltimber AB15 9EP
There will be another day of Yoga hosted by myself on Sunday 28 August from 10 till 4, venue to be confirmed but possibly in Corbie Hall again, Milltimber.  Tickets £30.
On Sunday 25 September, for the 5th year running, there will be the 108 Sun Salutations sponsored event.  It is growing every year, will we reach the magical target of 108 people performing 108 rounds together in one place?  You could be the 108th participant!Again venue to be arranged soon.  Sponsor forms will be handed out soon.
 In the evening I am organising an 'India' theme party, time to let our hair down as well as raise more funds for the school and children in India, Partners welcome, all sorts of things planned, don't miss it!  Venue will be the Holburn Bar function room, tickets on sale soon.
 Moving on to next year don't forget Muz will be leading a three week pilgrimage to India in January and I will be attending nd leading yoga classes while there.  Finally, for now I hope to have more details for you all soon about a five day yoga retreat, led by myself, to Tuscany, which will probably be in the Spring.
Plese send me an email or see me in class with any questions about any of the above.
Love and Light
May 2011 update
Well here we are at the end of May already, time fies when you are happily busy.  I am delighted to say that today I have sent £700 to the school in India and £630 to SANDS charity due to my lovely students, friends and family sponsoring me to run three races in three months.  I completed the Inverness half marathon in March, Lochaber full marathon in April and Edinburgh half in May , whew!  All worth it to raise much needed funds.
This Sunday 29 May is fully booked for a day of yoga at Milltimber Community Hall, South Deeside Road 10 -4pm, there will be another day in August.  Tickets are selling well for the mantra weekend on July 2nd and 3rd and please let me know if you would be interested in a five day yoga holidaypossibly in Ocrober, to Tuscany, or in Muz's three week pilgrimage to Inida in January.
Time too to make the committment to Peace Day by signing up for the sposored 108 Sun Salutations on 25 September.  Please contact me via email or telephone or in classes.
 For now, just smile, people will wonder what you are thinking  
It's spring!
Well what better start to Spring 2011 could we have hoped for, isn't it beautiful?  On 14 April 2011, eighteen students and myself had a long weekend retreat in Newbold House, Forres and it was amazing!  Such a lovely environment, wonderful food and enthusiastic yoga.  Everyone blossomed over the weekend, tears were shed, laughter was abundant and the sun shone the whole time.  We had a great time around the bon-fire and enjoyed Agni Hotra (fire-ceremony) where I revealed why I had been trying to dry out cow dung all weekend!  Newbold House is most definately a fabulous successor to Shambala and I am sure we will go back very soon.
The next yoga event will be a day of yoga on the 29th May 2011, please contact me for details.
Namaste yogis, enjoy the sun from within your hearts as well as in the sky!
Latest news and workshops
Hari Om
I am so happy to confirm that Ramana Baba (Muz Murray) is definately booked to come to Aberdeen and share his Mantra and knowledge of all things yogic, on 2nd and 3rd July 2011.  We will again hold the two day workshop in Camphill, Milltimber and the tickets are on sale now. To find out more about him see  Baba is also hoping to lead us on another three week spiritual tour of South India In January 2012 if we can get enough people together.  I have been three times and will be going again this time.  I will be happy to talk to you about it and when we are there I will be happy to lead some physical yoga classes on top of the busy itineray that Muz will be in charge of.  Please contact me soon as we need to get Ashrams, travel etc booked now!
Well, the big 26.2 miles of the Marathon are approaching quickly (10 April 2011) and I have raised lots of money for both SANDS and for the school in India, still time to sponsor me if you would like!  I will still have the other half marathon on 22 May to run before I will need all the money collected in.  
On 14 April some of us are off to our new location for our yoga retreat, Newbold House in Forres.  I also have an idea in the pipeline for a retreat in Tuscany!!!!   Keep checking for more information.
Namaste, Karina xx

Karina's blog
Home from India 2011
Well, I think my feet are back on the ground finally, after floating on a high from my two weeks in my beloved India.  My first week was in Cherai Beach, Kerala on a Hatha Yoga holiday, beautiful, gentle and relaxing, I loved it.  Apart from the yoga classes at sunrise and sunset, I enjoyed lovely Keralan food, an amazing massage performed by the therapists feet and I was in the river bathing a baby elephant! All in all a fabulous week.
I then travelled by overnight sleeper train (sharing my compartment with three Indian men), to Katpadi on my way to Tirruvannamalai.  Karuna, the head teacher of the Sri Ramana Matriculation school, that Pink Lotus Yoga sponsors, collected me from the train station and kindly took me to lunch and then to see an amazing 'golden temple' on the way.  The next day I visited the new school site to see the progress and then to see the children in their original school.
I had a very relaxing week, going to bed early, rising early to do yoga by the pool and then walking into the village and up Arunachala mountain to sit a while and meditate in the caves, fantastic.  I am planning on going back next January, hopefully with a group led by Ramana Baba, anyone interested? Let me know as deposits are being taken now.
Ramana Baba (Muz Murray) is planning another Mnatra workshop here in Aberdeen 2/3 July - £55, contact me to book your space now.
May Arunachla bless you, love Karina xx
Happy New Year 2011
A very happy new year to you all,
Classes are all back to normal and very busy, thank you to all students new and old for keeping up your yoga practice.
The next workshop will be on Sunday 6th February at Cults Parish Church again and is a partner workshop.  Three hours from 10 - 1 working in pairs, should be lots of fun, many students are briniging their partners for their first taste of yoga.  In April we have another long weekend retreat, this time in Newbold House, Forres as Shambala has now been sold.  The weekend begins with dinner at 6pm on Thursday 14th, all day Friday and Saturday and ends after lunch on the Sunday.  Early morning and mid-morning yoga classes, late afternoon and evening too!
My Guru, Muz Murray ( may be coming to Aberdeen again this July for a two day workshop on mantra and lots more, please let me know if you would be keen on this so I can get things moving.  If you would be keen to go to India with him in January 2012 (again details on his web-site) then this weekend workshop is a must.  My life changed after my first India experience with Muz and now I go every year, I'm just about to pay my deposit for 2012 now, why not join me?  
As some of you already know I am going to India in February, on my own, firstly to a week long yoga workshop in Kerala and then to visit the school we support in Tiruvannamalai.  There will be no Bon Accord classes while I am away but all club classes will be covered.
 Namaste, Karina xx
Christmas Yoga Day
Hello chilly fellow yogis  
Hope you are coping with this exceptionally cold weather!  Keep the fire burning in your hearts.  Just to confirm the yoga day will go ahead on Sunday 5 Dec.  The address is Cults Parish Church Outreach Centre  404 North Deeside Road, Cults, Aberdeen, AB15 9TD very near Kelly Of Cults (opposite side of road).
All you need is your yoga mat (I have some spares), a blanket, water and a small packed lunch and enthusiasm x

Venues confirmed
Hari Om Yogis  
All venues for the forth coming workshops are now confirmed and you can book and pay for your place now in class or contact me through the web site.
The Mantra classes in November will be every Saturday 3-5pm in 8 Bon Accord Square, £40 for 4 weeks.  The Day Of Yoga will be in 'The Hub' Cults Parish Church, 404 North Deeside Road. 5th December 10am - 4pm (bring a packed lunch), £30 and the long weekend yoga retreat will be at New Bold House, Forres from 14-17th April 2011, £80 deposit now and £200 balance by February.
Please do not hesitate to email or call with any enquiries about the workshops or classes or yoga in general.
Namaste, Karina
Workshop news
Hari Om
Lots of things happening at the moment, but firstly I'd like to start by thanking everyone involved in the Sun Salutations event, raising money for the school in India again.  We have just passed the £3,000 mark!  I can't wait to see the school when it is finished and take photos for you all to see.  We are having a classroom named after us, the Pink Lotus room!
In November I am running a 'Mantra' workshop every Saturday afternoon.  It will be held in 8 Bon Accord Square from 2 - 4pm.  Space is limited so please let me know if you wish to attend.  In December I will be holding a day of Yoga on Sunday 5th, venue to be confirmed, again contact me to book your place.  Then jumping ahead to April next year there will be another Pink Lotus retreat long weekend of Yoga.  It was very sad to lose 'Shambala retreat centre' in Findhorn, but this weekend I am going to visit New Bold House, also in Findhorn to finalise arrangements for April 14 - 17.  Deposits will be taken soon.
 Once again a big thank you to all students for your support to the charity and your committment to classes and workshops.  I love your enthusiasm and your energy.  
Namaste x

Karina's blog
Sun Salutations Event
At last, thanks to Andrea, one of my lovely students and fellow India travellers, we have a venue for our big charity day.  On Sunday 19 September we will meet at the old FIRE STATION on North Anderson Drive, at 10.30am.  We are using the board room for the day which will end at 3.30 pm.  108 Salutations followed by gentle yoga and meditation.  Please bring lunch and change of clothes, a blanket and lots of enthusiasm, oh and any donations.  £30 for the day or by using the sponsor form which you can obtain from myself. Please email or call me with any questions you may have about the event.  
Summer catch up
At long last I have sat down to update my blog, what a whirlwind the last two months have been!  In the middle of May I spent ten days on the beautiful Paradise Island in the Bahamas.  It was a Sivananda Yoga Retreat centre and I chose it for two reasons, firstly I lived six months in the Bahamas many years ago and secondly Jai Uttal was doing a workshop there.  Jai is an amazing, lovely man who sings Kirtan, have a look and listen on his web site  The day began with wake-up bell at 5.30am, two hours meditaion, lessons and mantra, then two hours physical practice.......then breakfast!  Jai's chanting workshops were at 2pm and another two hours physical yoga at 4pm before dinner and two hours meditation, satsung and chanting.  It was perfect!
 When I returned to Aberdeen, work was busy, busy, but very good and then I had our third long weekend retreat in Findhorn to organise.  Many of the students who came along had been on previous retreats with me, but for some it was their first time.  We did four sessions a day, 6.30am, 10am, 4pm and 8pm.  I enjoyed leading it and I think everyone enjoyed taking part.  Findhorn bay is beautiful and the whole place leaves you feeling peacful and energised.  When I returned home it was soon time for my 'big' birthday!  I had a lovely day on my birthday and family, friends and students all spoiled me so much, then my lovely Guru arrived for a weekend workshop, staying with me for a week and during that time I also had my birthday party.  Lots of people came, it was a 'India' night, and many dressed up for the occasion and we had henna hand painting, a Bollywood dance demonstration and superb curry.
 The workshop went well even though a bit quieter than last year and it was so good to have Muz to stay a while.  I am just back from another of his workshops this past weekend at Lendrick Lodge, which I loved.
Some students have requested a mantra only yoga class so I am working on that right now and hope to start within the next two weeks on a Wednesday evening at the Yoga Spot 5.30 - 6.30pm so please email if you are interested.
The next Yoga Day will be Sunday 19 September from 10.30 - 3.30 (venue to be confirmed) and will incorporate 'Global Mala Day' where we celebrate International Day Of Peace by raising awareness and funds for charity, by performing 108 Sun Salutations, this will be follwed by relaxation, gentle yoga and mantra, again please email if you would like to take part.
Well I think that is all for now!  Flow like a river from your heart, Namaste    

Spring workshop
Hari Om
A wonderful Spring yoga day was held on 28 March in Peterculter village hall. 34 students came along and participated in five hours of yoga practice, combining physical with meditation and mantra.  Everyone said what a great day they had and I thouroughly enjoyed leading it and sharing my day with everyone there.  As a result of the ticket sales I have today sent £450 to the schoold building fund in India, so a huge thank you to all.  One of my students, Mary, has also contributed money raised from the sale of her hand made cards,  thank you again Mary.
Another Yoga day will be coming soon, maybe July.  Tickets are on sale for Muz Murrays Mantra weekend, held here in Aberdeen at the beautiful Camphill Hall on 3/4 July, please ask me for details.
Namaste x
Holiday schedule
Just a heads up to let you know that I'll be on yoga retreat from 11th to 22nd May.  All club classes will be covered by other instructors but Bon-Accord Square and Ruthrie Terrace classes will be suspended for that period.  However, there's no reason why you cannot continue your yoga practise at home.  I'm happy to make up a small routine to be followed at home if you would like me to.
A Spiritual Journey
Hari Om!  Sorry for the delay in updating since my return from India.  I hope to post some testimonials from the students who accompanied me on my latest India experience soon.  We had an amazing journey, both in India and in the heart!  Every morning at 7am we were up on the rooftop watched over by Arunachala mountain as we did our Sun Salutations to the real rising sun instead of the studio spotlights!  After breakfast we would meet with Ramana Baba (my Guru, aka Muz Murray) for chanting.  Some days we would visit a temple then back for Satsung with Muz, another Yoga session, dinner and flop into bed.

Karina's blog
India beckons!
Namaste everyone, just a reminder for my present students and information for those who may be surfing for yoga classes, I will be in India from the 5th to 17th February.  All club classes will be covered by other yoga teachers, but there will not be any classes at Bon Accord Square, also the newest class -Thursday's 7.30 -9pm will be at The Scout headquarters on Ruthrie Terrace from 18th Feb.

Winter greetings
Winter greetings fellow yogis,
It is with a very warm heart that I update you all on the fundraising total for the school in India! In total from 2008 and 2009's Sun Salutation events and the November 2009 Mantra workshop, we have raised £7,480!

Global Mala
Namaste everyone,
Have you taken time to stop and look at the trees lately?  I love the colours at this time of year. I was almost late for my class at Kippie Lodge today as the drive out the North Deeside Road was so stunning.  They were just as lovely at Aviemore on Sunday when I ran their annual Half Marathon although there was little time to stop and look around.

Late breaking news!
I have just secured the venue for our next Global Mala Sun Salutation Day.  This important day for all yoga devotees will be held at Aberdeen Leisure's Jesmond Centre, Jesmond Drive, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen.  To remind you of the date and time: 20th September 10 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.  Already 60 people have committed their time which guarantees an inspiring and magical day.  The more who come to salute the sun the better and there is still time to let me know if you'd like to join us.
A very Yogic summer
Namaste fellow Yogis
Apologies for the delay in updating, however, I'm recently back from holiday.
What an amazing Mantra weekend we had when Muz Murray came to Camphill a few weeks ago. Thank you to everyone who attended. It was so good to see so many people come together to chant and meditate as well as learn from such an experienced Guru as Muz. We all hope he will come back next year.  Muz really enjoyed it too.  Of course, some of us will see him soon when we travel to India to spend 10 days in his company. Roll on February!
Lots happening before then though. Classes continue to be well attended and I would like to thank each and every student for their dedication and perseverance on their journey.  Next Sunday, 23rd August, I am holding another day of Yoga at Peterculter Village Hall from 10 am to 4 pm and I hope lots of you can come along. Feel free to drop me an email with any questions about it.
I have just passed the half-way mark in my ambition to gather 108 students together for the 108 Sun Salutation sponsored event on 20th September! This is the day that we celebrate International Day of Peace - - and also raise money to support the school in India
Please, even if you cannot participate physically, come along and show your support. If you'd like more details, again just drop me an email. Maybe have a look at too.
May the sun shine from within your heart x  

A big thank you to all yogis who helped to make the second retreat at 'Shambala' retreat centre, Findhorn, such a success.  The sun shone for us and we had a lovely Mantra session outside in the tranquil surroundings of Findhorn Bay, as well as amazing walks along the beach, gorgeous food and lots of Yoga.  We have pencilled in the same weekend next June, when you can all help me to celebrate a 'big' birthday!
Not long now till Muz Murray comes to Aberdeen (see workshops) and around 55 people have already bought their tickets.  It is a big hall so plenty room for more, just let me know through the contact page if you are interested.  Some of us attended his weekend workshop at Lendrick Lodge recently, another wonderful retreat centre, and the Mantra was fabulous!
I am also organising another Yoga Day for 23rd August, venue to be finalised, at a cost of £30 for the day. Bring your own lunch.  These days are usually well attended and give you more of a chance to experience Yoga than you get in a 60 or 90 minute class.  We do physical postures, breathing exercises, Mantra, meditation and have fun!
Please feel free to drop me an email with any questions you may have.
Be happy, be free, be kind, just be xx     
Upcoming events ... not to be missed
Namaste Fellow Yogis,
FINDHORN NEWS - I have decided to invite those who could not manage the full long weekend to come up for a day of Yoga on Saturday 20th June. If you or anyone you know who comes to class would like to experience Yoga and Findhorn the details are as follows: arrive ready for Yoga at 10am until 12 noon then lunch fromn 1 until 2 followed by a beach walk and foundation visit then more Yoga from 4 until 5.30pm.  Shambala charge £20 + £7 for lunch making a total for the day of £40.  For those coming to the full retreat please see me if you have any questions or want to organise car sharing.
I am also trying to finalise numbers for MUZ MURRAY Mantra and Meditation weekend on 18th/19th July.  Get your ticket as soon as possible and remember if you are coming on the India trip it would be really good if you could come to at least one of these days to meet and experience time with Muz.
INDIA NEWS 5th Feb - 16th - one of our fellow Yogis can get us discounted airfares - Total Aberdeen to Chennai return - £473 and can book it for us if we can get organised with cheques, personal details, passport numbers, etc.  Also Muz wants final numbers and a deposit (£150) NOW so we can book good accomodation.  Please let me know by return email if you are coming, thankyou.
Finally, for now, please help my ambition come true by signing up for 'Global Mala Day' 20th September (International Day Of Peace) Both last year and the year before about 30 of us gathered together for 2hours and each completed 108 rounds of Sun Salutaions as a sponsored charity event.  This year I hope to have 108 students!!!!! Wouldn't that be a wonderful experience?  If 30 people can raise £3000, just think what 108 could do! I promise you that it is completely do-able, even for beginners!  
More retreat treats
Namaste everyone and thankyou for taking the time to read my blog.  My very first residential retreat went down a real "treat", so much so that I have booked the same venue - Shambala retreat centre at Findhorn - for another long weekend from 18th to 21st June 2009.  If you would like to know more or book a place let me know.  Deposits by 6th April.  I can also confirm the other workshops mentioned last time and the venues, see timetable page.  Classes are very well attended and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for showing up week after week and, for some of you day, after day!  I know it's not possible for everyone to attend a class more than once or twice a week, but do remember that even just a little Asana (posture) and Pranayama (breathing exercises) complimented by a Mantra or two a day will keep your mind and body fit and flexible.  Sun Salutations are a good start to the day and will stand you in good stead for 'Global Mala Day' on 21st September, which is International Peace Day.  We celebrate this special day by completing 108 rounds of Sun Salutation for charity.
Be strong, be kind, just BE x  

Retreat Treats!
My very first residential retreat is happening this weekend (12 - 15 March) at Shambala in Findhorn and I am very much looking forward to it. 24 students are coming and for most of them it will be their first retreat.  I often host 'Yoga Days' which consist of Asana classes, Pranayama teachings, meditation and Mantra, and are usually held in or near to Aberdeen city. Check back soon for the date of the next one.
Talking of Mantra (chanting), I am very excited to say that my Guru, world renowned Mantra/Mystic, Muz Murray, ( ) will be holding workshops in Scotland this July! On the 3rd July he will be arriving in Ledrick Lodge, Callander and the following weekend he will be in Newbold House, Findhorn.  Then, most exciting of all I am trying to arrange an Aberdeen workshop the following weekend.  This may be one day or the full weekend. More details to follow. If you are interested please let me know so I can have an idea of numbers to book a venue.